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Forex Trading can be simple, and Personal Finance doesn’t need to be complex

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Forex Trading

Forex trading is more than just having a good trading strategy. As a result, I will teach you forex key concepts, help you to master your trading psychology, and build the desired trading confidence to ease the complexity of trading. Forex is Interesting

Personal Finance

I will help you to take control of your personal finances by making smart money decisions. I always believe in abundance when it comes to money. By empowering people to make smart money choices, there will be less stress revolving around money.


The purpose of this section is to recommend companies, products and services that I use or find valuable. This will help you to save time and money as you try to make your decision. I know it can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to start.

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Forex Trading

I know that the dream of trading has crushed many peoples’ lives. People come into forex trading with high hopes but quickly come to terms with the reality of the market. My vision is to bring back the dream by teaching you everything you need to master forex trading.

Personal Finance

I strive to provide my readers with valuable information that will help them to make wise decisions on matters pertaining to spending, saving and investing. Increasing your wealth and obtaining the desired financial freedom will definitely improve your quality of life.

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Support and Resistance Ultimate Guide

What is support and resistance? This is a question I have received for the longest time.  I have been reluctant to focus on the topic since I thought a big percentage of the traders are privy to trading with support and resistance. However, I have come to realize that this

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Momentum Trading: What you Need to Know

Today I felt I should write something about momentum trading. I thought this is something you should have some knowledge of as a trader since momentum trading is highly influenced by recent price trends.  As a trader, you are always subjected to risk any time you take a position, and

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How Do Credit Cards Work?

How do credit cards work? I saw this question, and it got me thinking.  Many people know about credit cards even before they begin to use them. Seeing someone using a credit card can be very deceiving.  Watching someone swipe their credit card and walk away with what they bought

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Breaking a Lease: How to Get Out of a Lease Early

The question on breaking a lease has become quite prevalent on this blog. There are numerous people seeking how to get out of a lease early. It is obvious the moment you see such a question that someone is about to break a lease. However, this is not something out

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forex vs stocks

Forex vs Stocks: Is Forex Easier than Stocks?

Oh my, if I could count the number of times when the query on forex vs stocks comes around, you would be surprised. There are numerous questions ranging from how big is forex market compared to stock market? Is forex easier than stocks? Forex vs stocks which is more profitable? 

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