Support and Resistance Ultimate Guide

support and resistance

What is support and resistance? This is a question I have received for the longest time.  I have been reluctant to focus on the topic since I thought a big percentage of the traders are privy to trading with support and resistance. However, I have come to realize that this …

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Momentum Trading: What you Need to Know

momentum trading

Today I felt I should write something about momentum trading. I thought this is something you should have some knowledge of as a trader since momentum trading is highly influenced by recent price trends.  As a trader, you are always subjected to risk any time you take a position, and …

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How Do Credit Cards Work?

how credit cards work

How do credit cards work? I saw this question, and it got me thinking.  Many people know about credit cards even before they begin to use them. Seeing someone using a credit card can be very deceiving.  Watching someone swipe their credit card and walk away with what they bought …

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