Dovish and Hawkish Trading

what is hawkish in forex

I received back to back questions on dovish and hawkish trading, and I decided I ought to write something about them. The questions were not necessarily centered on dovish vs hawkish trading. There were some that were asked independently, like “what does hawkish mean in forex,” “what does dovish mean,” …

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Is an MBA Worth It? Find Out

Is an MBA worth it

Is an MBA worth it? This is not the type of topic that I normally write about, but I have been asked severally about the worth of MBA, so I had to oblige. There are people who are curious about how it is like being an MBA graduate and others …

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Volume Trading: All you Need to Know

volume in trading

Today I am going to focus on volume trading or rather trading with volume.   The reason this topic has grabbed my attention is because at some point I was using a trading strategy that was dependent on trading volume. In this case, I was using volume in trading for confirmation …

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