Accelerate Your Success with an Abundance Mindset

It is apparent that an abundance mindset can easily affect the course of your life positively. How you think about yourself can change the way you create success, the way you handle stress, your resilience, and how you learn, among other things.

Have you ever been in a conversation with somebody, and you hear common things that come up a lot? Do you hear about maybe credit card debt, student loan debt, you hear about all the getting laid off from work?

Like there’s all of this conversation around: I don’t have enough money to pay my bills, I don’t know how I’m going to feed my family, I don’t know how I’m going to get a roof over my head.

Then, there are other conversations that you may have experienced where somebody is getting on a private jet, they’re flying first class, they have endless amounts of money to spend on houses or cars.

There are two ways to look at it. I call this the abundance mentality and lack mentality.

How you see things can determine whether you will be experiencing life abundance or not.

abundance mentality

When it comes to lack mentality, I like to say these are the complainers, these are the ones that are always complaining about stuff, and when it comes to an abundance mindset, these are the creators.

I used to really live the fine line between this. I would complain about a lot of problems that were in my life like they were someone else’s issues.

I wasn’t making the amount of money that I thought I should make at my first corporate job working for DOH. I would complain that they’re not paying me enough. I would complain that I didn’t have the fancy enough car or I complain about the amount of credit card debt that I put myself in.

Over the years, when I was starting my own business, I realized that I wanted to create an abundance mindset/abundance mentality and get out of the lack mindset given that I was living within a fine line between the two.

I had an abundance mindset where I wanted to create something amazing with starting a business, but then I was also complaining about different aspects of myself.

I knew something needed to change. So what I actually created in my life was that I surrounded myself with different people, I surrounded myself with different organizations, different businesses, I started eating different food, I started reading a lot of books like a lot of books.

I think last year I read about a hundred books. Let me take you back to when I was in college. I never read a book that was not required of me as per the school work that was provided. I tried to avoid reading altogether, and now I’m reading tremendously because I had to change my lack mentality into an abundance mentality.

Once I created this abundance mindset in my life, I was able to get what I actually wanted.

I had $150,000 worth of credit card debt and student loan debt that has been paid off. I was living off my credit cards, now I’m using and leveraging credit cards to pay for our travels and other fun things.

Instead of complaining,  I started to really create, and this is the biggest difference that I could say.

I have put together some points for you that will help you to change from a lack mindset to an abundance mentality.

Scarcity mindset

The three strategies include

Number one is about time. This is about how to create more time, how to make time work for you instead of you working for time.

Number two is about controlling the ego. My ego controlled me for a big part of my life. I lived for my ego. I would do anything I could possibly do to make my ego bigger, and I realized my ego is out of control. I rein it back in where I could control my ego now.

The moment I did this, I started to become even more competent. I started to recognize what my real strengths were and where my weaknesses were. The better word that I could use to describe this is that I improved my self-awareness. This is something that is very powerful, and it can help you to achieve many things that you desire in this life.

Number three is all about creating healthy habits. It’s just about the habits that we consume and share in our life. These habits have literally changed the future and the present moment of my life. I’m able to be at home with my wife, be at home with my daughter who’s eight months old right now, and to really live a healthy, happy life.

I call these three strategies the strategies to get you what you actually want because it starts here. You have to start somewhere. It’s like building a house right. What’s the first thing you have to do? It is digging a hole to lay the foundation, and it grows up from there.

It’s the same thing as we are creating our mindset. Moving from a lack mindset to an abundance mindset, we have to start with the foundation, and these three strategies are the foundation of getting what you actually want. Developing a mindset of abundance will definitely transform your life.

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