Dave Ramsey Baby Steps: How they Work

Dave Ramsey baby steps

Dave Ramsey’s baby steps can help you get out of debt. They’re intended to be followed in order to get you out of debt and stress and into a life of saving and giving. This tried-and-tested strategy has been used by millions of people for some time now. You can …

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How to Prepare for a Recession

how to prepare for recession

Today I want to delve on how to prepare for a recession. A recession is a period of economic slump during which unemployment rises and commerce and industrial activity declines. While the definition of a recession varies, it usually refers to six or more months of economic contraction. This indicates …

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Old Money vs New Money: Which is Better?

Old Money vs New Money

What comes to your mind when you encounter the concept of old money vs new money? While you might think of wealth in terms of haves and have-nots, there’s a lot more to it. Discussions of old money vs new money, in particular, illustrate the intricacies of wealth. Old Money …

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