Best Cars for College Students

Are you searching for the best cars for college students? You are at the right place to get the appropriate information that will help with your search.

Modern-day students prefer having personal vehicles as it is a convenient means of transport.

Many of the students reside far from their colleges, and this makes it cumbersome to use public transportation to and from school every other time.

Private cars also make it more convenient for students during internships, volunteer work, or when they have jobs.

So, this post would also make sense for someone looking for the best cars for college graduates

While students acquire cars to support them in their college education and school activities, others buy cars for the fun of having one and being freely able to move around.

Owning a car as a student can be expensive as you have other financial obligations such as tuition fees.

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A car comes in as another financial burden as it requires fueling, cleaning, and other maintenance services.

For students, this can be quite frustrating, but with proper advice and research, one can purchase the best cars for college students.

These are cars that are easy to manage and still serve the student efficiently.

Essential information for anyone planning to buy a car is that they should go for a car that is not only reliable but also affordable and safe. The safety is especially very important for college student cars.

Purchasing a car also requires you to review the car’s taxes, insurance charges, and size.

Efficiency is also key as you do not want to buy a car and then end up having it repaired numerous times.

There are good cars that are manageable and convenient for college students.

The Best Cars for College Students


Mazda3 is a great choice of car not for college students only but also for beginner drivers.

One of the reasons why it is included among the best cars for college students is that it is relatively fairly priced when you put into consideration the great interior features it has.

Among its most admired features is the fact that it comes with a manual transmission option that gives drivers the option to drive the car manually.

This is a good feature for those who wish to learn how to drive manually after learning the automatic way of driving.

best cars for a college student

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius has previously been a favorite niche for environment lovers.

This car is currently growing as a minimal fuel user and more of an electric vehicle.

The most affordable model of this vehicle costs more than $23,000.

The Prius category has a number of good safety features such as rain-sensing windshield wipers, a blind spot monitor, and a well-inbuilt backup camera and more.

The older version of Prius is, however, not easily available and has reported issues of inefficiency and unreliability.

best cars for college grads

Jeep Wrangler

This is a classic SUV model that is well equipped to go off a beaten road due to its rugged frame.

Jeep Wrangler is quite efficient and less costly because it uses less fuel, thus among the best cars for college students.

The car could be of great help to students who move people and luggage around and within their learning institutions and beyond.

The Sport package is good for frugal buyers, while students with high budgets can go for the Rubicon.

The Rubicon has good features, including a Radio430N entertainment platform.

This car has been around for a long time, and if you are not impressed by its high MSRP, you can consider going for the older models.

best cars for college graduates

Honda CR-V

This car is good for college students, especially those who live in areas that are in the northern climates due to cold weather.

The Honda CR-V is very comfortable and spacious for storage of personal items.

The vehicle brand also boasts of a good reputation and feedback on reliability and efficiency.

The car is long-lasting too, as it is able to stay strong for four years and above.

Do you think this is among the best college student cars?

best cars for college students

Volkswagen Jetta

This is a popular car among college students, especially due to its affordability.

It is definitely one of the best cars for college students, even though it requires a lot of maintenance.

Even though this car has been reported to be unreliable in some cases, a student could buy a second-hand version and keep things going.

Volkswagen Jetta

Chevrolet Sonic

This type of car boasts of utmost safety as its greatest feature.

I am sure this sounds like a good and enticing feature because we all do not want to buy a car that is unsafe.

This car contains ten airbags, has a forward collision caution alert, a well built back up camera, and other features.

These and other favorable features make the Chevrolet Sonic one of the best cars for college students.

The vehicle is also small in size, which makes it easy to fit into small packing areas.

best cars for a college student

Ford Fiesta

This vehicle uses up plenty of gas or fuel, is small in size, and is mainly available as an automatic car.

The car has a competitive price of slightly more than $14,000 and also has a reliable crash safety rating of its kind.

Ford Fiesta has a range of functionality options such as aluminum wheels, a stronger engine, an airfoil at the center, and very efficient brakes.

It also has heated leather seats and an entertainment system that aids in comfort and keeping its users well entertained.

You would definitely consider this car among the best cars for a college student, right?

best cars for college students

Conclusion on the Best Cars for College Students

The cars discussed above are among the best college student cars to move around the campus, get parking space before school sessions, and attend other activities.

These vehicles are also good for students’ safety and have high fuel efficiency, enticing features, and their prices are good for students.

To some point, they can also be considered among the best cars for college graduates.

There are more cars out there that would be great for students.

The ones discussed above offer a basic guideline on the important features to take note of as you plan to buy a vehicle, especially as a college student.

It is important for you not to compromise on reliability, safety, and the worth of a car, even as you consider car pricing.

As your individual needs will most likely guide your decision on the type of car you settle for, it is right and wise to go for a car that will make things easy for you as a student and not make them worse.

You can use this list the next time you are searching for the best cars for college students.

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