Different Types of Traders: Detailed List

type of traders

Today my focus is on the different types of traders that are involved with forex trading. Types of traders can be identified using an array of things like how one trades, tools used while trading, and behavioral attributes associated with the trader, among other things.  The forex market has various …

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Trading the News Ultimate Review

trading with news

If you have been trading in the financial markets, you’ve heard terms like “trading the news,” “trading with news,” and “trading news.” Traders that use fundamental analysis are the ones who are prone to trading news since their analysis is dependent on determining the demand or supply of an asset …

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Trading Management: Definitive Trade Management

Efficient Trade Management

What is Trading Management?  Trading management or Trade management is all activities a trader carries out after entering a trade, to help increase the chances of attaining profit and reduce the inherent trading risk. This is quite different from order management since order management is more of the activities that …

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