29 Awesome Fun Things to Do For Free

There are a lot of fun things to do for free out there. I am writing on this topic since people are always asking for free things to do.

For most people seeking fun things to do for free, the mentality is that they are very limited, or they do not exist.

We have developed the mentality that every time you want to have fun, you ought to spend money.

This is not the case, there are a lot of free things to do out there, and they could end up giving you a worthwhile experience.

The reason why it is difficult to find fun things to do for free is because we are limited in our thinking and imagination.

For most people, the only thing that they can do for fun is going out to drink with friends. This will definitely cost money.

I am not saying that this is the wrong way to have fun, but the problem with this type of fun is that you have to spend money for you to enjoy it.

As a result, any time you are limited in the cash department, you will always get the notion that you don’t deserve to be having fun.

It can also become monotonous since, with time, it ends up being more of a routine since it is the only thing that you know.

This is not how you should live your life when there are a lot of funs things to do for free out there.

Having a variety of free things to do can even improve the dynamics of your life since you are able to derive pleasure from different sources.

Below I have compiled a list of fun things to do for free. I know we are all different, and what I might consider to be fun, might not be the same in your case.

You might not find everything on this list to be fun, but I hope you will discover some free things to do.

fun things to do

Fun Things to do For Free

  1. Exercise

This is among the fun things that I do for free. Fun you say?

I know that is what some of you are asking. The moment you understand the benefits of exercise and get used to it, it becomes a delight.

Body fitness and exercising does not have to be costly or in a gym.

Get in shape by simply going for a walk, jogging, or taking a bike ride.

You can also exercise alongside free youtube videos at home.

  1. Volunteer

This is among the best fun things to do for free. Why?

You are serving a purpose.

Go out and offer a helping hand, meet new people, and enjoy doing something fun.

A volunteer opportunity will help you learn a lot, acquire new skills, and grow.

Go out there and search for interesting volunteer opportunities that match your interests, and you will love it.

  1. Start a blog on a topic you like

I like blogging, from the first time I was introduced, I fell in love with blogging.

I find it very enjoyable and effortless since I am normally writing on topics that I am conversant with.

It’s easy to start a blog for free using Word Press or Blogger.

You could have a URL for your blog or buy a domain name if you find blogging enjoyable.

Start your blogging site and start writing about things that interest you.

Other than being a fun activity, blogging also helps to better communication skills, reach others as well as earn extra income.

You can end up earning a substantial amount of money through blogging if you have a good number of people reading your blog.

All you need to do is ensure that you have done proper monetization.

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  1. Watch the sunset

Get a good location in your neighborhood where you can watch the sunset.

You can get a good site of this from a hilltop or at a lakeside.

  1. Dance

This sounds fun already, right?

You could turn on the radio, or stick on your iPod, and have fun dancing to your favorite tunes.

I can tell you this is very therapeutic more so when you are alone as you don’t mind how you are dancing.

All you want is to move your body regardless of how you do it.

  1. Community sports

Community activities can include football, cricket, baseball, and more.

You could join community sports clubs and also use the opportunity to make new friends and network as you enjoy and work out.

As I said earlier, you can always improve different aspects of your life as you have fun. That’s the good thing about it.

  1. Play board games

You can go back to playing the good old games such as scrabble or monopoly.

You could also search for new board games as one of the fun things to do for free.

  1. Gardening

Gardening is a fun way to spend your free time.

In case you have no garden, maybe because you live in a flat in a city, you could purchase indoor herb gardens, potato or tomato growing bags from the supermarket.

Spend time taking care of the garden at your disposal.

Seeing life grow as you take care of it can be very fulfilling. It is more of creation and development of something.

  1. Visit friends

How would this life be without friends?

This are the people that always come through for you.

Plan to meet with friends when free and enjoy the day talking and having other fun activities.

The good thing about spending time with friends is that you end up brainstorming other free things to do.

  1. Hold an organization party

Spare a day maybe every weekend where you visit your friends’ houses and assist them in general cleaning, garage cleaning, or any other cleaning.

Share some food, snack, drinks, and other stuff among yourselves.

This is fun, plus you end up knowing a lot about each other.

  1. Host a spa day

Have fun activities such as offering each other manicure or trying out new hairstyles.

You could also bake cakes as a fun activity or try making some facial masks with the use of natural home ingredients.

I know this falls under free things to do for women.

But again, there are men who would enjoy such activities too.

  1. Ride a bike or motorcycle

Autumn is structured for bike rides along the river, loading your basket with good harvests from the farmers market, or with puppies.

In case you have a friend who owns a motorcycle, request to have a ride maybe as bonus points for taking it on windy roads.

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  1. Movie marathon

This is something that many people enjoy doing.

Get on to Netflix and watch each episode of your favorite movies, as you discover new ones.

If you don’t have a Netflix membership, get the free trial simply for the movie marathon.

  1. Video game tournament

You may be a fan of video game tournaments.

This is a great fun thing to do for free.

Be it the most recent dancing game or “Call of Duty,” play against one another and offer prizes to the winners.

The incentives make it even more interesting.

  1. Try out dumpster diving

It may sound scary, but it is a fun adventure.

Check out the dumpsters near you; you might end up finding something of value.

  1. Take a walk in your town

How well do you know your town or city?

Majority of towns or cities have a historic area.

Get to know if a walking tour exists near you, and if not, you can create one.

Sometimes you will not know that something great exists until you explore.

  1. Have a potluck

Plan a simple gathering with friends or neighbors, preferably a potluck, where you all bring with you a signature dish, snack, or beverage.

This will help to cut on costs for hosting the gathering.

Such an arrangement might not be entirely free, but it would be cheap.

  1. Check out the community calendar

Have you ever thought of doing this while searching for fun things to do for free

Check out your town and neighboring towns’ websites for events and free things to do.

You could also pass by the city hall for the information.

Most of these events and activities are good and free.

  1. Practice yoga 

According to varied studies, yoga has both physical and mental benefits.

To learn or practice yoga, all you require is floor space and a mat for the majority of the yoga poses.

If you are a first-timer, practice simple yoga poses to see if you like it.

Yoga helps to increase flexibility, concentration, and is also a good form of work out.

  1.  Go on a digital scavenger hunt

I remember we used to do this while in college.

Those were the times when being broke was a norm, and we were always on the lookout for free things to do.

A digital scavenger hunt could be a good way to have fun.

Take pictures that are creative, funny, and adventurous with people within your community.

  1. Go to Pinterest for DIY ideas

Pinterest gives many ideas on design work.

Check out these ideas and what you can create from trash or cheap supplies.

Actually, you could end up acquiring a new skill without spending a dime.

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  1. Listen to Podcasts or the Radio 

Buy an affordable radio, in case you do not have one, and enjoy some free entertainment.

Radios are normally forgotten but are a cheap and enjoyable way to use your free time.

You can tune in to shows and get to hear about other people’s experiences in life.

It might end up being life-changing since you will get a different perspective based on how you were viewing something before.

  1. Grill something new

Try out a new grilling recipe.

You could try chicken breast stuffed with cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, basil, and tomatoes.

The list is endless, as you can even experiment on your own recipe.

  1. Re-organize the furniture in your house

Would you classify this under funs things to do for free?

Well, people are different.

There are people who derive a lot of pleasure in such activities.

Maybe it is more about the satisfaction that comes with the end results.

You could try rearranging house furniture for fun.

You will love the new look that your house will get.

This will cost you no money and will definitely impact your place.

  1. Go to open mic night

Maybe there is a great open mic night that has no cover and has affordable drinks.

Attend such talent events as they are fun and entertaining.

This might not fall on the typical free things to do, but it will be cheap and fun.

fun things to do for free

  1. Go through your closet and donate to a Thrift Store

Clean up your closet and take out what you do not need.

Take out the items you can donate to charity or a thrift shop.

The fun in this comes with the satisfaction of having cleaned your closet and contributing to charity at the same time.

  1. Take an online course

With the advent of technology, it has become even easier to learn anything that you want.

You can learn what you like online as there are many platforms offering such services.

Check out all the skills you’d like to learn and take related courses.

Some of these courses are even free, so you won’t be spending anything.

  1. Write out your life plan

I know many people would not consider this among their fun things to do for free.

It requires you to think much but is an important exercise.

You could think through and write out your life plan with the help of different sources.

This is something that can improve your general well being due to the actions you might end up taking after this.

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  1. Watch shooting stars

Star-gazing is one of the fun things to do for free during leisure time. You will need a blanket as you head to a park or open field to watch the stars.

As you can see, there are a lot of fun things to do for free. I hope you have seen some free things to do that you like, and you will try them out.


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