How To Make More Money in 2021

I know at some point you might have searched on “how to make more money” for one reason or the other. No one would hate to make extra money anyway. There are times when you will even go to the extent of searching for how to make money fast and easy. Actually, this is not crazy since there are several ways to make money fast out there.

Let’s say you are working to achieve a financial goal such as saving for some down payment or clearing a debt; it is a classic example of when you could be researching on how to make more money.

It may also be that you are experiencing deficits in your budget, meaning you are not making enough money and are searching for ways to change that situation by making money fast.

When experiencing difficult moments, it even feels like there are more months on the calendar than the paycheck being received.

With this, the only way to fill in the deficit and keep food on the table is to find ways on how to make more money and, in this case, ways to make money fast.

Therefore, when it is about taking care of your four walls (shelter, food, utilities and transportation), getting ways to increase your income and savings fast can be very helpful.

Money may not be your greatest focus in life, but then you need to have a specific amount of money so as to take care of a family.

Clothing, housing, schooling, food, entertainment, and other expenses accumulate very fast, and it can be hard to meet all of them sometimes depending on the prevailing circumstances.

This results in ongoing stress for many families hence culminating in wrangles that could be avoided if there were ways of making more money.

Actually, most of the issues experienced in families tend to originate from finances. It is just that we try to mask them by creating other issues that make sense to us.

This is why when you are financially strained, you will always be on the lookout on how to make more money or even the best ways to make money fast.

ways of making more money

How to Make More Money

1. Start a Blog

Have you ever thought of starting a blog? This is one of the best ways to make money from home.

Actually, blogging is my second best way of making money online after forex trading.

However, it is good to be honest that it is not a classic example of how to make money fast since you need to put in some work as you commence, but in the long-run, it is very rewarding.

Blogging is a very good side job since you can do it at your own pace, anywhere you wish.

As I have outlined, it is not as fast and easy way to make cash, but there are many ways to make money while blogging.

You can sell advertising, become an affiliate for other people’s products, sell your own online product, and much  more while working as a blogger.

It takes a while to build up an audience and manage to make a good amount of money, but when you have a large following, you may earn over $15,000 per month or more.

Many people are doing this.

A good example is the Avocadu Blog that was first established on Bluehost, and it is still hosted there. The site is now earning close to $100,000 per month in terms of revenue.

When it comes to hosting, I love Bluehost since one can get started for just $2.95 per month. You even get a free domain name upon registration.

Another success story when it comes to blogging is Timothy Sykes. He makes over $1 million a month while teaching people how to trade penny stocks.

Now you can see why I consider blogging among the best ways to make more money on the side.

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2. Grab Gigs on Fivver

The reason I love this platform is that you can offer any kind of service on Fivver, and make quick money as a result.

The reason I am terming it as quick money is because you will be offering a service that you are good at hence making it essay to execute.

It is terrific for digital services like graphic design, short audio, video clip creation or web design, editing services, writing and more.

Actually, people offer all sorts of services on Fivver. Some that you might not even be thinking about, and they are making extra money from them.

Most people think the platform only allows you to charge $5 for service delivery. That is not the case as you can earn a lot based on how good you are.

Fivver has now advanced more than simply the $5-per-gig model. Fivver Pro pools the best talent on its platform.

You can grow and earn well on Fivver depending on your skills.

This is a platform that I consider among the best ways to make money online since at some point I have made some money there.

Actually, I have a friend who is currently making close to $10,000 dollars a month writing business plans and law-related papers.

3. Take Online Surveys

This is one of the best ways to make money online.

Yes, it is not an income-generating activity that will make you millions, but it is a good way of making money fast hence being able to take care of the immediate financial needs.

Filling out online surveys has become a common way for people to make money during their free time.

Research companies are always recruiting new members around the world to respond to surveys and test new products.

For a few minutes of filling a form, you can make some quid, which is paid as cash or rewards. You can make up to $5 for some surveys.

You can sign up for Swagbucks, which rewards you for carrying out surveys and for simply surfing the web, watching videos, and playing games.

Some of the few good surveys to try are:

As you can see, this provides you with an opportunity of making money fast online to help take care of some financial needs.

4. Shop for People

I know when you were thinking of ways to make more money, this is not something that had crossed your mind.

There are people who don’t have plenty of free time to cater for some necessary things like buying groceries.

For others, such as the elderly and the disabled, they are physically not able to do some of these things.

When you enroll in a service such as Instacart, you can make extra money by doing grocery shopping for people who need it in your area.

This is an activity that will not require a lot of effort from your side, but it will ensure that you are making more money on the side, though not a lot.

If you enjoy shopping around, you can consider doing it for others.

With Instacart, you will work as an independent contractor delivering groceries for other people. This offers a good opportunity to earn extra money.

You may be able to make up to $25 per hour when times are busy, even though the average is around $10 to $20 per hour.

Furthermore, you are given the order, shop the order, and get paid.

You come up with your own schedule and pick your orders.

The flexibility is the best part about it, mainly if you have limited time or are a stay at home mum or a student.

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5. Request for a Raise

This is one of the best ways of how to make more money.


Having a salary raise at your place of work is great since it would not require you to invest more time in order to make extra money.

With this, you are investing the same amount of time but receiving a better pay.

It is, however, not easy to ask your employer for a raise, especially when your employer already has you at your current pay.

You must present a strong and valid argument to show that you deserve the raise.

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6. Drive for Lyft or Uber

This is an income-generating activity that several people are indulging in right now.

Companies such as Lyft and Uber give you a very good opportunity to make quick money.

What you need is a clean driving record, a fairly new car, and the permit to work where you live.

When you have the given requirements, you can earn extra income by working as per your schedule.

You can work during rush hour, in the middle of the day or late at night on a weekend.

Not many jobs out there will give you the autonomy of working during the hours that you prefer.

7. Get Paid to Walk

I know this sounds weird when it comes to ways of making extra money.

Keeping fit requires us to stay active.

Maybe you are attempting to get to your 12,000 daily steps every day, but have you thought about getting paid for that?

It is possible!

There’s a new app known as Sweatcoin, which pays you for each step you take.

This app motivates you to stay fit, take extra steps every day, and walk more.

8. Get Money Back from Apps

There are many mobile apps that will guide you on how to make more money just by doing simple things.

By easy, I mean really easy things such as taking up your phone and simply scanning your receipt.

That’s easy, right?

Check out mobile apps such as Dosh, Receipt Hog, Ibotta, Rakuten, and Shopkick in order to make extra money without too much work on your part.

9. Partake in a Focus Group 

I knew this was one of the ways of how to make more money on the side, but I did not have a firsthand experience of how it works until I met someone that has done it.

It is true that you can make more money by simply sharing your thoughts and opinions.

I have a friend who told me that he made $310 by taking part in focus groups that he was able to find via

This is something that he was doing just out of curiosity, and it worked.

What if you did it with some seriousness and embrace it as your way of making more money?

As soon as you register online, you’ll receive emails with surveys to enable you to qualify for paid focus groups with a platform like Focus Pointe Global.

The studies are usually carried out online and at the company’s 20 facilities nationwide.

My friend was giving me an example of a study that included 37 members where they had to view TV commercials and then respond to multiple-choice questions regarding the commercials.

In this particular focus group, he received an $80 Visa gift card after working on this for a period of one hour.

From what I gathered, this was even less since most studies tend to pay up to $150 or even more.

If you are looking at how you can make more money, this might be a good one.

ways to make more money

10. Receive Payments by Searching the Web

A website like will pay you to use their online interface to search the web.

To qualify for this, you have to be willing to download their search bar and make use of it for daily Internet use.

The only caution that comes with this opportunity is that you may get paid in gift cards and not in cash.

If you are able to parlay those gift cards into items you need to buy anyway, such as gas and groceries, searching the web can be a good way to utilize your leisure time.

If you get a website that pays in cash like…………………………………………….., this will be a good way to increase your income.

11. Get Money Back on Credit Cards

Credit cards normally give cash back as a reward for making purchases.

This means that for each purchase you make, the credit card company will offer you a small percentage of the money back.

The percentage of this money reward varies between credit cards and categories.

For instance, one type of credit card may give 1.5% cash back on every purchase.

Another may give 1% back on most purchases, but 5% back on gas and travel purchases.

An app known as Birch can assist you in getting to identify the best credit card for a certain category.

Additionally, you often have to get to a specific threshold of payment so as to cash in.

There are cards that will normally allow you to redeem your cash back as “points” to directly purchase stuff from the credit card company’s website instead.

Do you think this is a good way on how to make more money?

12. Invest in the Stock Market

If I was looking to make extra money, this is something that I could consider given my exploits in the forex market.

However, I would have to caution you that this is not among the best ways to make money quick. If you are searching on how to make money fast, just avoid the stock market.

However, if well utilized, the stock market is a good money-making opportunity that can be very profitable.

You should however know that investing in the stock market comes with its own risks.

When you make the wrong choices or attempt to move so fast, you may suffer huge losses.

When you decide to invest in the stock market, you need to consider putting in more effort and hours into studying how it works for you to actualize success.

You can also consider working with a professional investment advisor to assist you to reduce risks and maximize profits.

All in all, it is not a classic example of how to make money fast from home, but it is a good way to make more money in the long run.

13. Rent Out Your Room 

This is something that a number of people have now embraced in an attempt to make extra money.

Maybe you have a room or a house full of rooms that you can spare.

With an extra room, you can earn some easy and quick money by renting it out.

If your neighborhood allows it, you can rent a room to a boarder for about $100 weekly, or $400 monthly, or even more in case you reside in a highly desirable location.

You can use any of the three:


With more than 2 million rental properties, most being entire homes, VRBO is an established legitimate service for both renters and owners.

In case you have an extra home that you can rent, VRBO gives you an opportunity to make extra money.


Airbnb makes it possible for people to travel worldwide and to stay in accommodations that are not expensive compared to traditional hotels.

Their site categorizes rentals into three: private room, shared room, and the entire home.

Rent out what you have available and make more money.


Vacasa is a vacation home rental management company.

Simply put, you can’t rent out a spare room in your house on Vacasa like you can on Airbnb.

You may however have an extra home in a vacation destination. If so, then Vacasa is a very good option to make good money and with less strain as they do everything for you.

The three options provide you with an opportunity of making more money. This cannot generally be considered as working online, but it literally provides you with an opportunity on how to make more money from home.

Does that even sound right? Mmmhh

Moving on…..

14. Reject Pitiful Savings Rates

This seems like a no brainer but very many people put money in pitiful savings accounts that have experienced a massive drop compared to the rates that used to be offered previously.

There is also the tendency of putting money in a current account earning just 0.1%.

Stop doing this!

Look for an account that will help to increase your interest rate compared to what you are getting at the moment.

This way you will get to make extra money without additional effort.

15. Get a Second Job

I know the moment you started contemplating on how to make more money, this is something that might have crossed your mind.

You may finally consider taking a second job for a short-term income solution. This means that you work for long hours and spend less time relaxing.

It is important, however, that you let your employer know about this, so as not to jeopardize your first job, because there are jobs that have restrictions on employees working second jobs or even non-competes.

When looking for a second job, get one that pays more than minimum wage.

Jobs help you to earn tips that can easily help you to make more money.

You might consider part-time jobs like waitressing, tutoring, or private lessons. They could allow you to have more control over your schedule and hence it becomes easy to make extra money without jeopardizing your primary job.

16. Start Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the best ways of making more money.

If you have the right skills, taking on some freelance clients is a good way to boost your paycheck as you maintain flexibility.

You can plan your own schedule and work as many or as few hours as you’d prefer.

If it suits you, freelancing can help fill in your wage gap and earn you more income.

What may start as a part-time income-generating activity may even lead to full-time freelance work.

Depending on your industry, it may even be more lucrative than a full-time job as an employee.

This is why I rank freelancing up there on how to make more money on the side.

Most of the time when working as a freelancer you will be doing something that you like and you are good at.

This means that it will be easy for you to remain consistent and motivated hence raising your earning potential significantly.

If you are confused on where to start, you can start at as you figure out how to go about it independently.

I promise you that you will enjoy the freelancing journey as you make extra money.

17. Sell Your Mildly Used Clothes

You can make some quick money by selling clothes you no longer wear. Begin with local consignment shops for faster money.

You can also use sites such as ThredUp and Poshmark to find buyers.

When you decide you sell online, make sure you take clear, well-lit photos of your items and research similar items so as to set competitive prices.

This is a good way to make more money since most of these clothes you are not using them, probably.

18. Buy Gift Cards at a Discount, then Sell the Ones You Don’t Want

Had you thought of this as a way to make extra money?

Many people have at least some old, unwanted gift cards put somewhere in a drawer.

When you leave these old cards unused, it is the same as throwing money away.

You can turn these cards into cash by selling them on online platforms such as Raise, Gift Card, or Coinstar.

Most of the sites that purchase gift cards also sell them at a discounted price. This is a good way to save money on gift cards for yourself or others.

To make sure that the gift cards you offer others do not go to waste, review a list of gift cards that people really want. The moment you are selling something that people want, the prospects of it moving faster increases.

The fact that you don’t want something, does not mean that another person would not be interested.

Do you see how there are numerous ways on how to make more money?

Moving on….

19. Rent Your Car

There are people who consider this among the best ways to make money fast.

It is something I have seen many people do while trying to make extra money.

You can think of this as Airbnb, but for your car.

When you list your car on Getaround, you can make extra money by renting your car to people who need to borrow a ride.

You are free to choose your own rates, and you’re covered with $1 million in liability insurance.

You can check out Getaround’s earnings calculator to know how much you can earn in a month.

Do you view this as a favorable way to make more money?

how to make more money

20. Walk Dogs

This is quite straight forward.

You can begin to make money from playing with dogs using Rover.

Rover allows you to set your prices so that you can charge fair rates for your services.

Other than walking, you can also offer doggy daycare, house sitting, and boarding.

If you are considering starting your own thing, this is something that I can encourage since it will give you more leverage when negotiating the price.

It can also end up being a full-time income generating activity depending on the number of clients that you will have.

If you decide to do this independently, it will not be a faster way to earn money since you will take some time to build your portfolio. However, the rewards will be immense in the long-run.

As I always say, when it comes to investments, patience and consistency are vital ingredients in actualizing success.

What makes this income-generating activity interesting for people that love dogs is that you will make more money while having fun.

21. Give Tours in Your City

I know many are aware of giving tours as a way of making extra money.

Actually, your city might be having numerous areas that you can take people to visit, yet you don’t even know of their existence currently.

Try and explore during your free time. You might have fun doing this, and create a way to make more money in the process.

You can check out something like Vayable.

Vayable enables you to guide tours based on a certain cultural experience.

Some members’ offerings include a Paris photography tour and a Queens tastes of the world tour.

22. Get Paid to Run Errands 

Do you know how people dislike (I thought ‘hate’ would be a strong word) running errands?

In case you are searching for how to make more money, this is a tendency that provides you with an opportunity to make extra money.

If you are a handy person and are basically free to run errands, sign up with TaskRabbit or Zaarly.

You can also put up a notice on Craigslist to get groceries for busy people or perform basic handy tasks for the people who are not able to execute them.

23. Answer Questions on JustAnswer

There are people who look for expertise online. You can take advantage of this as a way of making more money.

JustAnswer  and other similar sites allow doctors, engineers, lawyers, and other professionals with enhanced knowledge to make extra money simply by answering questions from people who would otherwise have to pay more to get such answers.

This platform is very resourceful for people.

It’s also lucrative, for the time spent, if you hope to earn some quick money.

Don’t imagine that answering questions will make you rich, but you can generate some little cash here or there if you’re in a bind.

24. Deliver Food for Restaurants

If you have a Smartphone, bicycle, car or motorbike, then you can make some extra money by delivering food to people when your time allows it.

Sign up with delivery specialist companies such as Deliveroo that are always looking for new riders.

They allow you complete flexibility to work as you wish to deliver food from restaurants to the customers’ doorstep.

You can earn as much as £16 an hour. If you are looking for how to make more money, that is not bad.

In case you feel like doubling-up your opportunities by directly getting in touch with local takeaways and bigger chains like Dominos to see whether they have any available delivery jobs, you are free to do so.

It will be a good way to increase your income.

There are restaurants – such as pizza joints – that get so many requests for food delivery and they employ full-time employees to take care of these deliveries

However, there are restaurants that hardly get delivery orders, meaning it would not be convenient for them to hire full-time delivery personnel.

With technology, you can make extra money delivering food on behalf of such restaurants.

I can give an example of how it works using Uber.

Uber drivers transport people from place to place. Uber Eats drivers, however, transport food orders from restaurants to customers.

Other than the app ringing you that a passenger requires a ride, the app pings you that a restaurant needs food delivered.

Consider signing up to become a food driver with any one of these companies below.



25. Become a Virtual Assistant 

I am sure most of you when searching on how to make more money this is something that you have comes across. Or maybe you know someone or heard of someone involved with being a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants are able to earn up to $16 an hour.

You can work part-time or full time, and you can have a really flexible schedule, provided it is in line with your employer.

What you need to be a virtual assistant:

  • A flexible schedule
  • Headset or cell phone
  • Laptop
  • Good communication skills

Someone can hire you as a virtual assistant to conduct an array of activities. It depends on what they need assistance with. This gives you a good example of how to make more money from home.

26. Indulge in Food Testing 

Did you know that you can make money by taking part in taste tests?

This entails companies that literally pay you to eat. For most of these companies, it is easy to register and you can begin to make money in no time.

In most cases, you collect your payment as soon as the taste test is over and the process is normally transparent.

You may receive cash and gift cards, often with a payout of around $40 and sometimes even higher.

Examples of these companies include Contract Testing Inc. (CTI) and Market Force.

If you are a foodie, this is a great opportunity to make extra money.

27. Evaluate Search Engines

Yes, this is a way that you can make more money. I am not entirely sure if this is a way on how to make money fast, but I know it will earn you something.

Search engine evaluators use search engines that are commonly assessed so as to seek out bugs or errors.

It may not earn you much, but this is a job that you can do during your free time and comfortably from your own home.

Sites such as Lion bridge and Appen Butler Hill are good for this.

You can take this and add it to your ways of making more money from home.

28. Source Referrals for Local Businesses

Many small local businesses such as electricians, landscapers, and home improvement companies grow by simple word-of-mouth.

Many of these businesses pay referral fees for people to help spread a good word concerning their businesses.

Therefore, the next time your plumber comes over, ask whether they give referral bonuses.

If they do that, well, have that in mind as you refer them to a friend.

The moment it works for you this way, you will find yourself going out to find other similar opportunities in an attempt to make extra money.

29. Become an Influencer

You can make more money by posting on social media.

If you have a huge following on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, you may think of becoming an influencer.

Whether it is home décor, fashion or cookware, think of becoming a go-to resource for businesses to get more exposure on the internet.

You can approach brands you like and let them know you’d like to work with them.

Want to know how you can make more money as an influencer?

Am I even asking this question?

It is apparent that everyone wants to learn how to make more money.

Well, there are several ways that you can make extra money as an influencer. They involve promoting:

  • Brands
  • Sponsored posts
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Digital products
  • Blog posts
  • Affiliate products
  • Physical products

There are many possibilities on how to make extra money as an influencer. You might even start doing this as a side hustle, turn it into a fulltime income-generating activity as your audience grows.

It is reported that someone like Kim Kardashian gets paid even up to $1 million for a single sponsored Instagram post.

I know, it is mind boggling.

30. Become a Social Media Manager

Going with the current trends, many companies have a social media presence.

It is not only free to market online, but also a way to remain in touch with their customers or future customers as well as build a following.

This can however be a daunting task for smaller companies that have few team members, and that is where you can come in.

If you love creativity, connecting with others, and have knowledge of different social media channels, this can help you make some money.

From experience, there are many opportunities out there when it comes to social media management.

When I was starting out my first blog, I felt overwhelmed by all the things that I had to do.

This is where I realized that I had to outsource some of the activities that I did not enjoy doing like social media management.

I know there are a lot of people out there with similar sentiments and this creates an opportunity for you to make more money as they delegate the duties to you.

The good thing with being a social media manager is that you can make extra money from home as it gives you an opportunity to work from anywhere as long as you have a PC or Smartphone and Internet connection.

31. Consider Telecommuting

You may consider finding a job that allows you to telecommute from home.

It can be a part-time job that you do in the evenings or a new job that replaces your old one.

Telecommuting for your main job can help you save on transportation costs, car payment, even wear-and-tear on your car.

Most telecommuting jobs also work as second jobs since the companies are mainly seeking to employ night shift and weekend workers.

If you are good with call center work or technical support, you can make good money with a second job telecommuting.

32. Trade-in Old Phones (Electronics) for Cash

Trading in something that you already own is one of the best ways to make money fast.

Might you have an old phone, iPad or gaming system that you no longer use? You can sell it on sites like Swappa and NextWorth.

Also, check out Amazon’s trade-in program that pays participants in Amazon gift cards as well as eBay.

If you urgently need money, try an ecoATM.

33. Get a Babysitting Job

There are many perceptions about babysitting jobs.

This is not a job purely for teens.

Anyone, from college students to recent retirees, can make money watching other people’s children.

Referrals via word-of-mouth from friends and family are a good starting point, although you can also create a profile on Sittercity or to widen your reach.

State any specialized skills, such as CPR certifications or experience with special needs children, to make yourself more marketable.

34. Undertake Tasks on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Even in the era of automation, there are jobs that still need a human touch.

Companies normally outsource such jobs via services like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and other micro-jobs platforms.

These jobs include things like transcribing videos, tagging images, classifying receipts, and can be taken anywhere within a few minutes or a few hours.

Payment depends on the task, and the one requesting the work gets to approve the final product before he/she pays you.

This may leave room for scams and it is therefore important to carry out your research adequately and join a community like TurkNation, which can help you keep off shifty dealers.

35. Sell Crafts on Etsy

This is becoming a favorite for many people searching for how to make more money.

If you are a creative mind, consider selling your own creative crafts as a way to make money.

You can open a shop on Etsy and sell your products to people who are seeking to buy unique products.

You could sell paper goods such as cards and invitations, or even home decor products themed around the holidays.

36. Teach English Online

If you are a teacher or simply hold a bachelors degree from an American college or university, you could teach English to children in other countries online.

VIPKid is an innovative platform that connects native English speakers that hold a degree with children in countries like India or China.

You can schedule a “class” time, and people will sign up for your class online. You teach and get paid.

The good thing is that teachers make $14 to $22 per hour online, from the comfort of their own home. This is a good example of how to make more money from home.

OKid is another service where you can teach English even if you just enrolled in college.

ways of making more money

37. Use Trim to Negotiate Your Bills

Sometimes saving money could represent an equivalent of making extra money since you would have some to spend on other things.

Instead of combing through your bills for ways to save a couple of dollars, let Trim do that for you.

Trim connects to your account using bank-level security, reviews your expenditure and subscriptions, and finds ways you could be saving money.

Reach out to Trim to cancel a subscription and you can consider it done.

Trim can even negotiate your bills and a better rate for you on things such as car insurance.

The best part about Trim is that it is actually free.

38. Earn Cash Back when You Shop

Did you know that you could earn money while you shop?

Ebates gives cash back when you start your online shopping there.

Keep in mind, however, that should you spend a lot of money to get the cash back, you would be defeating your ultimate purpose to earn more.

Therefore, only use this when you intend to really shop.

From the list above on how to make more money, there are a lot of things you can try out to make extra money. The list has something for you even if your intention is to make money fast. Try one that you like, and make some money on the side.

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