18 Best Summer Jobs for Teachers

I have been asked about the best summer jobs for teachers on numerous occasions. As a result, I have decided to put this post together and outline some of the jobs that teachers can indulge in during the summer.

When school is out for the summer, most teachers take a long rest.

While the break is intended to be a break from work, it can also be a break from a paycheck.

To augment their income over the summer, many teachers choose a side hustle or temporary work.

Many firms choose to hire teachers because they are among the most hardworking and well-educated personnel available.

The good news is that as a teacher, you have a unique mix of abilities that can help you find some amazing side hustles and gigs, both during the summer and during the school year.

Here are some of the best summer jobs for teachers, which can be taken as side hustles or permanent summer jobs.

best summer jobs for teachers

Summer Jobs for Teachers

1. Tutoring

Tutoring gigs during the summer are a viable option for teachers. Why not keep doing what you’re doing throughout the school year, but on a smaller scale, assisting children in small groups or one-on-one with subjects like Mathematics?

Skooli and Wyzant are some of the online tutoring systems that connect students with trained tutors.

While some platforms allow anyone with shown ability in their chosen field to become a tutor, tutoring employment are a given if you have teaching credentials.

I think tutoring is the most common when it comes to summer jobs for teachers.

2. Blogging

Although it takes longer to become profitable, blogging can be a fantastic summer job or long-term side employment for teachers.

If you are enthusiastic about a particular subject, such as gardening or parenting, publishing useful blog posts will attract readers who share your interests.

You might also start a blog on teaching.

While boosting readership, offering classroom ideas or innovative ways to implement teaching best practices can help you position yourself as a thought leader.

Just be careful not to jeopardize the privacy of your students and their families.

3. Coach Youth Sports During the Summer

coaching youth sports allows you to continue working with and instructing youngsters, but in a different way than your normal profession.

While it isn’t the same as teaching long division, spending the summer teaching youngsters physical and teamwork skills can be just as demanding and gratifying.

Plus, you get to see kids running around and doing sports, which is always entertaining.

A 6- or 7-year-old wearing a bobbling, huge baseball helmet? Put it out of your mind.

Look for available positions in churches, local recreation centers, and camps.

4. Freelance writing

This provides a good example of online summer jobs for teachers.

You might believe you can’t be a freelance writer since you don’t have any professional writing experience, but don’t worry—it turns out you don’t need any special qualifications.

Of course, you must be a decent writer, but beyond that, all you need to do is look for writing tasks that you are qualified for.

You have a lot of insight as a teacher that others don’t.

Child-related topics, parenting difficulties, and education are some specialist areas to examine.

5. Instructor of English as a Second Language (ESL)

Adults who want to learn English rarely do so on their own. They usually enroll in classes or employ tutors.

Although teaching adults is different than educating children, it can be enjoyable because adults are more committed in their own education.

Check with your local community college or community center to see whether similar classes are already being taught, and if so, ask if more instructors are needed.

If classes aren’t offered, it might be worth your effort to persuade them that they would be beneficial if there is a need in your community.

6. Social Media and Search Engines Evaluator

A social media/search engine evaluator assesses the relevance of social media ads and search engine results. This work is wonderful because it doesn’t require you to talk on the phone, you may choose your own hours, and no training is required.

7. Companionship for the Elderly

You obviously enjoy dealing with children as a teacher.

Consider geriatric companion care if you think you’d love working with people of all ages.

Discretion, empathy, patience, and tact are important traits for people working in geriatric care.

In general, you’d be assigned with a variety of routine tasks that the elderly require a little additional assistance with, such as errand running, food preparation and light housework.

Would you consider this among your ideal summer jobs for teachers?

8. Exam Preparation Coach

Students studying for the GMAT, SAT, MCAT, LSAT and GRE exams will benefit from your preparation classes and one-on-one tutoring sessions.

You could teach on a university campus or within the company’s facilities, depending on where you apply.

Some of these positions even demand staff to work weekends or evenings, allowing you to perform other errands or care for your own children during the day.

9. Get a Job as a Nanny or a Babysitter

Although this isn’t technically a teaching position, as a nanny or babysitter, you’ll nonetheless be dealing with children and informally teaching them. You can either work as a full-time nanny for parents who prefer this to traditional day care or babysit on the side when you need some extra cash.

Start by informing your friends and relatives, and be sure to mention your teaching position to give yourself an advantage against teens looking for a quick buck.

You can also look for employment in your area on sites like Sittercity.

10. Offer Guided Tours

Working as a tour guide could be a wonderful fit for you if you want a break from working with children but still appreciate educating others.

As a tour guide, you accompany tourists around a noteworthy region in or around your city, giving them a unique perspective on where you live.

Being a tour guide is a terrific way to earn money while exercising, seeing your city, and meeting new people.

To begin, seek up local tour firms or a nearby visitor’s center to see what options are available. As a tour guide, you can earn anywhere from $10 to $21 per hour, with the possibility of earning extra through tips.

To some extent this can be regarded among the best summer jobs for teachers since you get paid while having fun at the same time.

11. Sitter for a House

House sitters look after people’s homes while they are away, typically bringing in mail and watering plants.

Taking care of the owner’s pets is frequently included. You’ll almost certainly need to register with a house-sitting website.

To increase trust, have a few references on hand and explain that you are a teacher.

12. Make Money from your Lesson Plans by Selling them Online

I’m always looking for ways to turn what you already have into passive revenue. You’ve already completed the task.

Why not take advantage of the situation?

Upload your lesson plans and worksheets from the previous school year to a website like Teachers Pay Teachers.

Each sale of your educational resources will earn you 60% to 85% of the profit. And it’s an option that can generate more revenue all year long without requiring any additional effort.

13. Be an Editor/Proofreader

Do you have a hard time spotting mistakes when you’re reading?

Do you get irritated when you see grammatical errors?

If this describes you, you’d be an excellent Proofreader.

This is among the terrific summer jobs for teachers since it comes out naturally.

14. Be a Teacher at a Summer Camp

Teaching Summer school is similar to what you’re used to, but with the added bonus of shorter hours.

In some locations, teachers can even offer one-of-a-kind classes or teach classes outside of the school day, which may not be feasible during the school day.

15. Library Assistant

Teachers and librarians share a passion for education. If you enjoy reading as well, look for assistant positions in your local public or college library.

At the circulation counter, library assistants assist librarians in organizing library resources and checking out books.

Handling money, talking with library clients, and being able to work with computers are all useful talents to have.

16. Dog Walker or Pet Caretaker

People adore their pets, but they may also have other commitments or desire to travel.

Pet caregivers and dog walkers can help with this.

You’ll watch someone’s cat or dog in your home or visit them numerous times a day as a pet sitter.

As a dog walker, you’d take the dog for a walk, possibly with the dogs of other clients.

This job allows you to choose how much you want to work by simply increasing or decreasing the number of clients you have.

Communities like Rover make it a little easier to find work.

summer jobs for teachers online

17. Become a Translator

If you are bilingual, you may be able to make a fair living as a translator. This job is increasingly being done from a computer connected to the internet.

Companies require more literary and localizing translators due to the rapid rise of worldwide business.

A more casual, vernacular style of spoken language is referred to as “localization” in translation. Before translating into the needed language, you must be conversant with the culture’s phrases and slang.

While you may be translating into the written word on a regular basis, you may also be transforming the content of one website into another language or captioning video content in another language.

Literary translation is a term used to describe the translation of technical communication, especially in the fields of healthcare, technology and academic writings.

If you want to conduct literary translation, it’s usually advisable to narrow your attention to a group of topics or a specific business.

The majority of this job entails word-for-word translation.

18. Camp Counselor

Because they are fully staffed, some year-round occupations may be difficult to get into during the summer.

Summer camps, on the other hand, are often only open during the summer months. This choice can be a good fit for you if you believe in the power of nature.

You’ll get to assist children in engaging in exciting camp activities while also participating in a few of them yourself.

You’ll also be a very appealing prospect for the position as a teacher.

For individuals with a lot of expertise, some summer camps may even have management or other specialized roles available.

Conclusion on Summer Jobs for Teachers

If you were worried about how you’d get through the summer on a much lower income than usual, we hope this has alleviated your concerns.

There are numerous options for instructors to earn money throughout the summer.

Looking at the examples of the greatest summer jobs for teachers should have given you a lot of inspiration.










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